Briefly in English PDF Tulosta Sähköposti

Development of Logistics Centers in Southern Finland (ESLogC)

The role of logistics centers is changing and their importance will increase. The functional and technical development has also been fast. However, despite the fact that there are lots of different development projects concerning issues – there is a lack of common vision and understanding of logistics centers, as well as, the further development is needed in Finland.

The three-year-long ESLogC-project was to give answers and guidelines specialty to the development of the Southern Finland logistics center system. The entities related to the location, planning and future, operations and activity and competence of the logistics centers were broadly examined in the venture.

The project outcome generated new information, opened up several important issues for further discussion, and provided practical tools for developing skills and competences both inside companies and educational institutions. In overall, plenty of material on the development processes and functions of the logistics centers and areas were created. The results are gathered in an abstract form on a virtual platform – The English summary of the project can be found from here.

Technology center TechVilla Ltd. coordinated the project with 1.97 million € budget financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and local organizations. ESLogC was implemented by, in addition to TechVilla, Lahti, Häme, and Laurea Universities of Applied Sciences, as well as, Sykli (Environmental School of Finland) & Valonia (Service Center for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland). The project was divided into six work packages, which were divided further into several subprojects, and done in a co-operation by many different organizations.